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"I thoroughly researched water softeners and after choosing BioTech Water Researchers for my home water softening and reverse osmosis treatment, I have no regrets as I have had the system running effectively and had clean, soft water for over 18 years!"

Sue A.
Homeowner, San Antonio

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BioTech Water Researchers is your local water softener system and reverse osmosis filtration company. We have been at our Nacogdoches Road location since 1986, providing San Antonio water softeners, reverse osmosis, carbon and iron filters and disinfectant systems to residents and businesses in Central Texas including the communities surrounding San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne, Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos.

Since our beginning, BioTech has had the privilege of also providing quality water solutions to numerous locations around the United States and the World.  Our water solutions extend to commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal entities and includes water reclamation and desalination systems. 


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Learn more at our BioTech Water Researchers  About  page. Not sure about what type of system would work best for your location? Our experienced team of professional technicians are here to offer their expertise in order to provide you with the RIGHT water softener, reverse osmosis or water filtration system for your home, business, industry, or agricultural application. 

​Find out what thousands of satisfied customers have already learned, with water softener, reverse osmosis and component systems which have lasted for many more years than they thought could be possible.








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BioTech Water designs systems and installations based around the water of our clients. Our concept of regionally designing & building products results in excellent product performance and the highest quality water products which also include systems that aid in sewage digestion and reclamation of water from fracking..   READ MORE >>

BioTech Water has applied solutions to improve plant growth, hooved animal pro-duction, organic farming, root health and growth and various other water related issues.  


At BioTech Water, we explore the various possible solutions to meet  your commercial water needs.  Take a look and learn more about our commercial services and the specialized solutions we can provide.


Take a look at available solutions for you home's water issues. Your BioTech Water specialist will listen to your concerns, test your water, and recommend the appropriate solution whether it be water softener, special filter, reverse osmosis system or combination of systems .. 100% guaranteed.


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Dear Hank,

We just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with our water softener and our Reverse Osmosis system that we bought from you. We have had them now for 17 years and have never had a problem with them. They are still working as well as the day they were installed. We are very happy that we chose BioTech and would recommend your product to anyone.

Al and Angela M.

Homeowners, San Antonio​

San Antonio, TX

(210) 599-0048